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Lets talk about suction. I keep hearing about it via the news (serious or fake, take your pick; I’m just as likely to listen to Trevor Noah as Wolf Blitzer). And the world wide web.

We seem to be fascinated with things that stick. Sticking the landing. Cupping. Suction cup-assisted climbing. The Olympic games in Rio have captured our attention this month. Medal counts, background stories, the heartbreaking and the heartwarming, local culture. And for some reason, Ryan Seacrest.

Michael Phelps brought some international attention to the therapeutic practice of cupping. Last summer I actually experienced a version known as fire cupping. I can’t say I land on either side of the healing vs. bunk conversation. But I can attest to the relaxing and warm sensation lying with heated glasses under a towel for about 20 minutes. You can probably get a similar feeling at a spa with a hot stone massage. Or those hot water bottles from days of old –remember those red rubber bladders from the drug store? But then you wouldn’t have those conversation-starter red circles covering your back. Dermal Tiddlywinks. They last for more than a week. And no, they don’t hurt.

Not to be outdone, a young man decided to scale the Trump Tower this week with the aid of suction cups and climbing equipment. The suction industry must have a brand new PR agent who is doing a bang-up job. A lobbyist for all things graspy. I am just waiting for a pediatric nasal aspirator bulb to get its closeup with a new celebu-mom.

I could have used some type of suction device to mount a water tube ride on my lake vacation last weekend. My sister’s grandkids, with their envied dexterity and tree-frog-like grip, had a much easier time. Unfortunately I did not stick the landing. I ended up with more than a cup of Lake Winnipesaukee in my mouth. I could have also used a nasal aspirator.


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