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The urge to write can hit me like a brick, swiftly and almost painfully, in response to an external stimulus or an internal revelation. There are weeks when I have almost nothing to say, and moments like today where paragraphs wont stop from bleeding out.

My local pastor has been on a sabbatical for the summer, taking time away from engaging with the congregation in order to seek counsel at a tipping point in his journey. This weekend he was back to address the mystery of his hiatus. As I sat rapt, there were several words and phrases that I felt compelled to jot down in order to preserve their gravity.

Restoration. Recalibration. Re-entry. A flow chart of healing; a journey. Rest is an important first step following a point of crisis. Re-calibration gets down to brass tacks, finding ways to re-set goals or define ways to respond to life’s challenges. Finally, re-entry is the road back—taking baby steps toward either re-connecting or fulfilling the new path you arrived at during recalibration.

Addicted to Busy”. Having once known the compulsion to never be idle for fear of facing the aloneness inside my own head, I can relate to this concept. Slowing down is scary, even if you need to eliminate monkey mind”.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): An interesting essay by Justin Bariso for Inc. magazine discusses EQ as the ability to recognize and understand emotions, and then use that information to guide decision making. Emotional unavailability is also an unconscious way of tuning out others.

Season: The ancient art of Chinese Medicine recognizes five seasons, each with its own identifying elements, emotions and nutritional responses for healing. A season marks a period of time or significant chapter of life. A season of healing, restoration and recalibration. A season of re-entry. Of new commitments.

Soul Space: A location not found via GPS or @GoogleMaps. All creatures have a soul, a spiritual and moral guidepost apart from the physical and mental body. Your soul space drives you to listen, to feel, to abide faith, and to love. Soul space is a key to finding a way to heal.

Unpack: The need to get a load off your chest can be strong. So too is the bravery to fold them up and put things back in the drawer once we have arrived back to our center, our “home”.

Thank you Pastor Joel to everything that you have been, and will continue to be, to this community. Thank you for your inspiration and honesty. Love and luck on the journey you have been called to. May God’s peace be with you.

Let me know, my dear readers, what sudden bolts of lightning couldn’t keep your inner scribe away?

Cheers friends.

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